Believers Investigating Memetics

Since Memetic theory (version 1.0) was promoted by prominent atheists, the following statement is necessary:

All are welcome to pursue & critique this discipline.

Memetics is not the exclusive domain of atheists.

Challenge anyone who claims it is.
Those bullies don't know how to work well with others.
Don't let them overrun our classrooms & labs.

Just as evolutionary theory doesn't eliminate G`d,
memetic theory (an extension of evolutionary theory) does not.

Perhaps believers will be more adept in critiquing the mythology within science and the cypto-fascism of economic empires.

You will investigate the environmental pressures which caused practices to emerge within your tradition, identify code-rot and implement appropriate solutions.  When this happens, no atheist can ever again dismiss faith as "maladaptive" or "mental illness".

The scientific community needs you.

Your faith communities need you.

This revolution can't happen without you.

Dare to claim your place at the table.

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