Courageous Follower

Last week's recommendation included advice from E.O.Wilson to not join the fray but to create one of your own.  Sometimes we don't have that option...or we would rather avoid it.  After all, if everyone went out on their own, we'd have no collaborative projects.

Collaboration is key to the new economy.  Except when groupthink and poor leadership take over -- then it can spell disaster.  "Not for us" -- you say.  "We're an autonomous collective. We have no leaders or followers."

But even in horizontal organizations, people take on roles of "leading" and "following".  It's critical to foster skills for both roles.   Horizontal communities experience their own forms of groupthink.  Best to not be caught unprepared.

Ira Chaleff's insights apply not only to horizontal collectives and executive boardrooms.  His model illustrates how memeticists can introduce ideas to scientific and professional circles, leading (and  strategically following) for the future.

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