Letters to a Young Scientist

E.O. Wilson has advice for budding scientists:

* Ideas emerge when a part of the real or imagined world is studied for its own sake.

* A thorough, well-organized knowledge of all that is known of the relevant entities and processes that might be involved in (memetics) is vital to success.

* It is important in choosing your direction to find the subject that interests you deeply, and focus on that.

* In selecting a subject in which to conduct original research, or to develop world-class expertise, take a part of the chosen discipline that is sparsely inhabited. Judge opportunity by how few other students and researchers are on hand.

* March away from the sound of the guns. Observe from a distance, but do not join the fray. Make a fray of your own.

* In the attempt to make scientific discoveries, every problem is an opportunity, and the more difficult the problem, the greater will be the importance of its solution.

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